Booking ski lessons online with SkiBook

Are you also very busy, but do you still have free places in your schedule? Discover SkiBook, the online reservation system for ski- and snowboard lessons.

SkiBook operates easy, quick and online. For SkiBook all you need is an internet connection. Clients create their own account and book their ski- or snowboard lesson online where and when it suits them. The bookings will pour in even when the Ski school in closed and without intervention of employees.

Discover the ease of SkiBook. Have we made you enthusiastic and do you also want 30% more turnover and save 50% of your time? Watch the instruction videos of SkiBook and contact us for more information.

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You use SkiBook as an online service through the private cloud, including all updates. For a fixed monthly amount you will receive access to the software over the internet.

You always use the most recent software. And that without investment in hardware, and you don't need an IT-management.

SkiBook creates profit for all parties, ski school manager, course member and trainer:

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Even when the Ski School is closed there will be online bookings, you can always receive payments directly and have control over the planning with clear and always actual overview of the available places. SkiBook will save time and costs and brings the ease of an online bookings overview with mail module.

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Course member

Book, pay and cancel your ski- or snowboard lessons anytime and anywhere you want to. SkiBook gives freedom with the possibility to make an account yourself, without intervention of a ski school manager.

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Everywhere and at any time an actual overview of the coming and past working hours. SkiBook provides trainers with the possibility to edit levels of course members, to give homework to them and to write transfers for colleagues.

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