Booking sports lessons online with SkiBook, SkateBook, and TennisBook

Discover SkiBook, SkateBook and TennisBook, the online reservation system for sports lessons.

SkiBook operates easy, quick and online. For SkiBook all you need is an internet connection. Customers create their own account and book their sports lessons online where and when it suits them. The bookings will pour in even when your school is closed and without intervention of employees.

As a result of the corona pandemic people have gotten used to making online reservations for their (sports) activities. The homogeneity of the group is very important when it comes to making a reservation for sports classes. Children have to be admitted into the right age-category, adults into an adult-class and the skill level of participants has to be within a close range. Ski- Skate or TennisBook enables the manager to set up the group lay-out completely according to his/her wishes and makes sure that the online system does the best possible job.

Advantages of using Ski, Skate or TennisBook

  • Successfully operating since 2014 and in continuous development according to the wishes of active users
  • 24/7 online booking from your website, to realtime availability, with direct payment
  • Mobile responsive webdesign, enabling users to directly book, plan and pay lessons from all mobile devices
  • Keep your customers informed by direct mail and automated messages
  • Customers receive last-minute notifications for available spots on their preferred time and day
  • App for making reservations and cancelling lessons
  • Ski-, Skate- and TennisBook operate completely according to the AVG privacy law

Ski- Skate- and TennisBook distinguish themselves from other online booking solutions by i.a.:

  • New and returning customers can check realtime availability, tailored to their skill level and age
  • Booking for more than one person at the same time, with different skill level or age
  • Customer can book and pay directly and receive direct confirmation of their reservation

Since commissioning SkiBook in September 2014, SkiDiscovery has experienced 60% turnover growth. During the first season of using SkiBook, the amount of calls and emails lightly increased because of questions and inquiries involving online booking. After the first season, phone- and email traffic has been significantly decreased and continue to do so.

SkiBook is used as an online service through a private cloud, including all updates. A fixed monthly fee will grant you acces to the online system.

The latest software will be available to you, without the need to invest in hardware or IT-management systems.

SkateBook, TennisBook, SwimBook, HorseridingBook

The online booking system SkiBook as developed by SkiDiscovery has proven to be a great online tool not only for ski schools

For (ice)skating schools, tennis schools, swimming schools and riding schools, SkiBook provides the ideal online solution. Sports schools have a need to provide their customers with tailored group lay-out, corresponding with their age, skill level and discipline. Recently, SkiBook has expanded their services to SkateBook and TennisBook. Further expansion towards SwimBook is well underway.

Let's move together towards a digitally advanced sports world!

SkiBook biedt voordeel voor alle partijen, skischoolmanager, cursist en leraar:

Stap 1


Even when the Ski School is closed there will be online bookings, you can always receive payments directly and have control over the planning with clear and always actual overview of the available places. SkiBook will save time and costs and brings the ease of an online bookings overview with mail module.

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Stap 2

Course member

Book, pay and cancel your ski- or snowboard lessons anytime and anywhere you want to. SkiBook gives freedom with the possibility to make an account yourself, without intervention of a ski school manager.

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Stap 3


Everywhere and at any time an actual overview of the coming and past working hours. SkiBook provides trainers with the possibility to edit levels of course members, to give homework to them and to write transfers for colleagues.

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